Beachside Magnetic Island
Phone: 07 4778 5877
1-3 The Cove
Nelly Bay, QLD 4819

Terms and Conditions

** Please read these terms and conditions carefully as these conditions incorporate the basis on which all bookings for Beachside at Magnetic Harbour are accepted ** 

Please read these terms and conditions carefully.
These conditions incorporate the basis on which all bookings for Beachside at Magnetic Harbour are accepted.
If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you must contact Beachside at Magnetic Harbour within 24 hours of receiving this email to cancel your booking.
Bookings made through other Agents
Beachside at Magnetic Harbour bears no responsibility for monies paid via a travel agency or 3rd party internet portals until cleared funds are received into the Trust Account of Mairin Investments Pty Ltd on behalf of Beachside at Magnetic Harbour.
Payment Options
Standard Payments accepted include credit cards (Visa & MasterCard) and direct electronic bank transfers. A surcharge may apply to amounts paid by credit card.
The full deposits must be received within 2 working days of making a reservation.
Final balance payments must be received at least 14 days prior to check-in.
If any payment is not received by the due date, Beachside at Magnetic Harbour reserves the right to cancel the booking.
Date and/or Property Changes
Changes to arrival and departure dates may be subject to cancellation fees as outlined in "Cancellations Terms and Charges". Changes to property may be subject to cancellation fees as outlined in "Cancellations Terms and Charges".
Rates and Charges
Rates quoted on this website are in Australian Dollars and are subject to change at any time.
Rates are inclusive of GST where applicable. Beachside at Magnetic Harbour properties do not include transport from your home port to holiday and return, items of a personal nature, meals (unless specified), transfers and existing or proposed taxes and government charges, unless otherwise indicated.
Any special offers or discounts advertised must be valid and requested at time of booking.
Confirmation and invoices are subject to re-issue if incorrect through error or omission and the passenger accepts the liability to then pay the correct cost or to decline to retain the reservation.
Right to refuse or cancel any bookings.
We reserve the right to refuse any booking for any reason whatsoever. We reserve the right to cancel any booking already made prior to arrival. If Beachside at Magnetic Harbour elects to cancel a confirmed booking we will provide a refund of deposited funds received into the Beachside at Magnetic Harbour trust account. Beachside at Magnetic Harbour does not take any responsibility or accept any liability for other costs or losses incurred by the guest, whether related or not, from any cancellation of their accommodation reservation.  
Travel Insurance
Beachside at Magnetic Harbour strongly recommends that you purchase comprehensive travel insurance at the time of booking. Beachside at Magnetic Harbour will not vary its cancellations policy because of the guest’s inability to arrive as booked or stay for the entire duration of their booking regardless of the cause. Some problems that you should consider insuring against may include severe weather events, natural disasters, flight delays and cancellations, sickness and injury. 
Maximum Guests
Maximum guests are shown at time of booking and subsequently on all confirmation communication.
The Number of Guests should not exceed the number stated at the time of booking or subsequently agreed in writing or email.
Maximum guests are the total of adults, children and infants combined.
Infants need to be included within the number of children at the time of booking.
Additional charges will apply if extra beds or linen (including rollaway beds, sofa beds or cots) are required. Some properties do not accommodate children. Please check the website for details.
If the number of guests exceeds the number declared at the time of booking then additional charges may apply. If the number of guests exceed the maximum permitted to stay at the property, then, at the discretion of Beachside at Magnetic Harbour management additional charges may be applied or the property rental may be terminated with immediate effect and all monies paid forfeited.
Unaccompanied minors 
All clients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or an individual over the age of 18, the property has the right to refuse any booking, when the legal guardian over 18 cannot provide current photo ID if requested on check-in.
Minimum Stay
Minimum length of stay restrictions apply to all properties. The minimum stay may vary according to the time of the year or property. 
Cancellation Terms and Charges
For bookings cancelled more than 14 days prior to arrival date; a cancellation fee equal to the deposit (including all extras) applies.
For bookings cancelled 14 days or less prior to arrival date, a cancellation fee equal to the full amount of the total reservation charges (including all extras) applies.
For bookings cancelled on or after arrival date or during stay a cancellation fee equal to the full amount of the reservation charges (including all extras) applies.
Failure to arrive for a booking will be treated as a cancellation and a cancellation fee equal to the full amount of the reservation charges (including all extras) applies.
If after arrival, clients are dissatisfied with any aspect of their accommodation & decide to terminate their stay, the amount to be refunded, if any, is at the total discretion of Beachside at Magnetic Harbour management.
Refunds can only be processed to the credit card that was used to pay for the booking.
All other refunds will be paid via cheque or direct deposit only.
Refund processing may take up to ten (10) business days.
NOTE: Some cancellation conditions may vary slightly depending on the property being reserved please ask at the time of booking.
Check-in and Check-out - I.D and security deposits.
Check-in is 2pm and check-out is 10am. These times may vary for particular properties, please ask your consultant or check the website. For guaranteed check in prior to 2pm, a property must be booked for arrival for the previous day and therefore incurs an additional 1 day rental charge.
Late check out up to 12 noon is at the discretion of Beachside at Magnetic Harbour Management and must be requested 24 hours prior to check out. Late check out after 12 noon will incur additional charges applied to your account.
An acceptable form of photographic identification will need to be produced prior to check-in.
A credit card authorisation (pre-auth) or imprint may be required at time of check in and may be used to cover incidental items such as but not limited to, telephone charges, any breakages or damage during your stay and excess cleaning charges incurred during your stay.
Please note this process validates the presented credit card and protects both the cardholder and merchant from increasing fraud incidents.
We may pre-authorise a credit card for any charges we determine that the guest may be likely to consume during their stay. This may also include an amount to cover a security bond / deposit for damages. The pre-authorised amount is set aside by the credit card company for a period of up to 14-days. The pre-authorisation will affect your available funds balance or spending limit. For more information on this practice we suggest the cardholder contact their card issuer. Once a pre-authorisation has been made, we cannot release, remove or lower the authorised amount, until we process the final account on departure. This is a restriction placed on us by the bank, and cannot be negotiated.
Where a credit card is not available a minimum cash deposit may be required.
Accommodation as booked not available
In the unlikely event of a situation whereby Beachside at Magnetic Harbour cannot provide accommodation as previously confirmed, for whatever reason, Beachside at Magnetic Harbour will undertake to relocate clients into an alternative property of equal or better grading at no expense to the client.
Should there not be a property of equal or better grading in the vicinity of the original booking, it may be required to provide clients with a property of a lesser grading. If this is the case, any reduction in costs will be refunded to the client. The alternatives offered are at Beachside at Magnetic Harbour management discretion.
Should the client wish to choose a property of a standard other than that offered under this condition, then the client will be required to pay any difference in price between the Beachside at Magnetic Harbour recommended property and their own choice of property.
If Beachside at Magnetic Harbour has no suitable substitute property available then the client agrees they are only entitled to a refund of the money they have already paid to Beachside at Magnetic Harbour for the accommodation that cannot be provided.
Accommodation different to description
Whilst care is taken to ensure that the description of facilities and services of Beachside at Magnetic Harbour properties is accurate, these are continually being changed, upgraded, and on occasion taken out of service. If any feature/facility is essential for the guest in choosing a particular property, it is advisable that the guest confirms these required features and facilities with Beachside at Magnetic Harbour at time of booking.
Beachside at Magnetic Harbour cannot be held liable for omissions or errors, to a property’s facilities and services whether temporary or permanent.
Property Photos are indicative only.
Special Requests
Whilst we attempt to satisfy all special requests, we are unable to provide a guarantee.
Maps and Images
Map images, if shown, are for general information and may not necessarily reflect actual routings, locations or services provided.
All advertised rates are inclusive of accommodation only. Any extras available can be purchased separately at the time of booking. Please visit the website or contact Beachside at Magnetic Harbour for more information.
Responsibility for Guests and Visitors
The person affecting a booking (i.e. the person/s whose name appears on the booking confirmation) shall be deemed to have accepted the booking terms and conditions on behalf of all persons staying at, or visiting the property during the stay. This person affecting a booking shall be responsible for any unpaid financial charges incurred by other guests or visitors during the stay according to the booking terms and conditions.
Property Access
The property managers or owners must be granted immediate access to the property on request.
Visitors to all Beachside at Magnetic Harbour properties must not exceed six (6) persons at any one time and must not stay on the property overnight.
Parties and Functions.
Parties and Functions are strictly prohibited regardless of the number of guests.
The price charged is for domestic use only and not commercial. Accordingly this rate does not allow for the extra wear associated with functions in terms of cleaning, garbage removal, wear and tear, repairs etc. Use contrary to this may result in loss of your bond and/or additional payments and/or termination of rental.
Damage, Breakages and Theft
Any damage, breakages, theft or loss caused by the tenant, their guests or visitors are the renter's responsibility during their stay and full cost of replacement or repair will be charged to the renter. This includes, but is not limited to, breakages and theft of, or damage to; buildings, furniture, floors, surfaces, gardens, landscaping, pool, equipment and appliances. Many Beachside at Magnetic Harbour properties have highly polished floors; please do not shift furniture as damage may occur.
Disturbance to other guests and neighbouring properties from excessive noise is prohibited. If you create noise that is disturbing neighbouring units or properties at any time of day or night, Beachside at Magnetic Harbour management, at its discretion, may impose call out charges and/or the property rental may be terminated and all guests must leave the property with immediate effect. If the rental is terminated all monies paid are forfeited.
In all cases noise that can be heard outside of the property must cease entirely by 10pm.
Guests are allowed a maximum of one vehicle per car space provided on each property and all visitors must park off the property. Guests are not permitted to park trucks, commercial vehicles, trailers, caravans or similar on any property.
Pool Areas
No glass is to be taken inside any fenced pool areas. Pool gates must remain operational at all times in accordance with state and local laws. All children must be supervised in the pool areas. There is no running, jumping or diving into or around any pool area.
External Light Timers
Where properties have automatic timers controlling external lighting and pool equipment, please do not alter. A fee may apply for re-setting.
Pets are not allowed in any property rented through Beachside at Magnetic Harbour. Removal of Property
No furniture, fittings, appliances including kitchenware, crockery and glass wear may be removed from the property at any time during the stay.
No properties offered for rent by Beachside at Magnetic Harbour are available for school leavers during schoolies week. Beachside at Magnetic Harbour reserve the right to cancel any booking made for this period.
Beachside at Magnetic Harbour can sometimes include or offer third party products in special packages or as extras. As an agent on behalf of this product or service, Beachside at Magnetic Harbour shall not be liable under any circumstances for any failure by those service providers to fulfil such travel arrangements nor for any error, alteration or change of any kind made by those service providers following the acceptance of the booking by them. All coupons, vouchers, receipts and tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by those service providers.


Beachside at Magnetic Harbour both for itself and on behalf of their employees or agents do not accept any responsibility for any act, omission, default or neglect of themselves, their employees or agents for injury, damage, or loss to persons or goods whatsoever or however the same may be caused and they do not warrant and are in no way responsible for the accuracy of any information given in statement made by their service providers.
By utilising the service provided by Beachside at Magnetic Harbour, you agree that: Beachside at Magnetic Harbour shall not be liable for the wilful or negligent acts and/or omissions of such carriers and/or service providers.

Beachside at Magnetic Harbour will not be liable for any accident, injury, delay, property damage or personal loss to you or those travelling with you in connection with any accommodation, transportation, or other travel services resulting directly or indirectly from any occurrences or conditions beyond its control, including but not limited to; acts of terrorism, act of God, defects in vehicles, war, strikes, theft, delay, cancellation, civil disorder, disaster, Government regulations or changes in itinerary or schedule.
Please note that all travel documents, observance of laws and regulations of various Governments are your responsibility.
Every effort is made to ensure that information displayed on this website is correct.
Information and rates and Beachside at Magnetic Harbour websites are subject to change without notice.

Beachside at Magnetic Harbour only accepts instructions on the above terms.